“All men want sex only.” Everyone has heard this catchphrase. But is it really so? Sexologists say that sex is equally necessary for both women and men. So both sexes may be the initiator of intimacy on the first date. But many girls believe that sex is possible only after several weeks of courtship. Let’s […]

So that the marital idyll does not become overgrown with a routine of boredom, spouses should think about diversifying their relationship. For some reason, most people believe that this should be done by wives. But modern marriages have long brought equality in everything from household chores to financial stability. Today, women are not inferior to […]

Sometimes young couples believe that the secrets of family happiness are quite transparent. For example, a rich husband, his own home and a wife who carefully looks after the little heirs. In addition, she has wonderful culinary talents. A year or two passes and the spouses forget about mutual assistance and trust. Otherwise, what’s the […]