Intimacy on the First Date or Should You Wait?

“All men want sex only.” Everyone has heard this catchphrase. But is it really so?

Sexologists say that sex is equally necessary for both women and men. So both sexes may be the initiator of intimacy on the first date. But many girls believe that sex is possible only after several weeks of courtship. Let’s figure out what are the advantages and disadvantages of such actions on the first date.

Will He Call Back?

Many girls believe that sex on the first date is a sign of a bad upbringing. If it happens, she will not be taken seriously and there will be no hope for relationships. That is why girls often do not agree to sex, even if they really want it.

This stereotype arose many years ago. But today it is no longer relevant. No one will judge anyone if two people come in to have sex on the first date. In fact, no one cares.

Proof of this is that many couples whose relationship began with intimacy. And whether a man calls back or not after the first night depends on the coincidence of interests, points of view on various issues and the general impression.

Men Need More Sex

As we have said, this is a myth. The need for sex does not depend on gender. It depends on the characteristics of each individual person. So, someone is ready for sex adventures night every night, but for someone, sex three times a week is a lot.

And if your partner accepted the offer of sex during the first date sluggishly, you should not put an end to it. Perhaps he is not ready for intimacy, he had a difficult day, or he has a toothache. Stay positive, and interesting, and maybe he will agree to sex during the second date.

Safety Regulations

Sex on the first date is not only a pleasure. But it can also cause some problems. To prevent this from happening, remember the rules of hygiene and protection. Use a condom, tell your partner how you feel, and what you like or dislike.

To Sum up

As you can see, there is nothing shameful in intimacy during the first date. The main thing is that you and your partner are on the same wavelength. Even if after some date it will not be possible to create a family, you definitely will not regret that you had a good time.

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